What is the AL-LAs Project?

It is a European-Latin American cooperation alliance among cities which aim to enhance their international relations, in order to improve their public policies and territorial development.

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How is it funded?

AL-LAs is a project co-funded with the support of the European Union, within the framework of the thematic programme "Non-state actors and local authorities in development," with contributions from cities belonging to the network.

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Who participates in the project?

The project is coordinated by the Government of Mexico City, and it includes the participation of several partners. Each partner heads a specific activity of the AL-LAs Project, with each of these seeking to bring about administrative, juridical, and institutional changes that will increase professionalization and boost the international actions of cities.


The following institutions cooperate with the project:

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What are the objectives of the AL-LAs Project?

The general objective of AL-LAs is to strengthen the international relations of local governments in Latin America, while expanding their networks and partnerships, in order to improve the quality of their public policies and their territorial development.

There are three specific objectives:

  • Reinforcing the institutional capacity of local authorities in Latin America to establish professional public policies in international relations, and working in a coordinated manner as a network.
  • Developing strategic participative internationalization plans and multi-actor agreement mechanisms for international cooperation.
  • Accompanying decentralized cooperation projects in three areas: sustainability; social inclusion; and territorial appeal.

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What actions does the project promote?

  • Building a new network of internationally active Latin American cities.
  • Conducting seven learning and exchange workshops for institutional reinforcement.
  • Publishing a collection of workbooks on the Internationalization of Latin American Cities.
  • Creating a Technological Platform to manage knowledge of the project's content.

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Who benefits from the Project?

  • Local communities and residents, who benefit from a greater internationalization of their territory.
  • Public employees and officials at local governments, who increase their professionalization in international relations.
  • Universities, businesses, chambers of tourism, industry, and commerce, cultural organizations, students, and artistic groups, which benefit from a greater offer of International Cooperation.

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Is there any way to participate in the AL-LAs Project?

By means of this Technological Platform you can get to know the project's main activities, the events calendar, and other relevant information. If you are an official or academic linked to any of the fields included in AL-LAs and you wish to be a part of its Community of Experts, send an email to coordinacion.gdf@proyectoallas.net

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